Our Mission

The Free State Foundation is a non-profit, nonpartisan think tank. Its purpose is to promote, through research and educational activities, understanding of free market, free speech, limited government, and rule of law principles at the federal level and in Maryland, and to advocate laws and policies true to these principles.

FSF focuses on eliminating unnecessary and counterproductive regulatory mandates, especially those applicable to the communications and other high-tech industries, and on reducing overly burdensome taxes, protecting individual and economic liberty, including property rights, and making government more effective, efficient, and accountable.

The scholars of The Free State  Foundation, led by Randolph May, have decades of experience in the public policy arena and academic settings promoting free markets, secure property rights, and individual liberty. Mr. May is a nationally known legal and policy expert in the field of regulation, as well as a widely recognized expert in communications, administrative, and constitutional law.

The Free State Foundation’s scholars are acknowledged experts in their academic and professional fields, especially in law and economics. They have held senior positions in academia, government, and business, and their expertise and experience on federal and state policy matters spans the disciplines of law, economics, business strategy, and organizational management. Because Free State Foundation scholars combine acknowledged academic expertise with solid practical experience, FSF is known not only for the excellent quality of its work but for its success in actually impacting and influencing law and policy. And, after all, that’s the reason we come to work everyday with a renewed sense of purpose.