The Free State Foundation is a  non-profit, tax-exempt Maryland-based think tank. Its purpose is to promote, through research and educational activities, understanding of free market, limited government, and rule of law principles in Maryland and throughout the United States.

FSF  focuses on eliminating unnecessary and counterproductive regulatory mandates, especially those applicable to the communications and other high-tech industries, and on reducing overly burdensome taxes, protecting individual and economic liberty, reforming civil liability laws, and making government more effective, efficient, and accountable.

If you believe in the importance of FSF’s mission, the Foundation would welcome your tax-deductible contribution. FSF is recognized by the IRS as a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

If you would like to contribute to the Free State Foundation, you may send a check to:

The Free State Foundation
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Either way, FSF is very grateful for your contribution. We assure you that your contribution, however large or small, will be put to good use promoting the free market, limited government, and rule of law policies and principles that are essential for the well-being and prosperity of our nation. 

The Free State Foundation receives contributions to support its work from a wide variety of companies in the communications, information services, entertainment, and high-tech marketplaces, among others, as well as from foundations and many individuals. We welcome your donations too!